With rapid development of science and technology, the internet, electronic devices, and artificial intelligence is everywhere. It has changed our way of life, made our lives more convenient, efficient and many other benefits.


In the meantime, it also controlling our life, dominated our priceless time. It casual exposure of personal privacy also makes us deeply anxious and uneasy. Sometimes, the Internet makes us irresistible, even addictive, allowing our precious time to pass by unintentionally.


Face-to-face communication is now less, forgotten and disappeared, interpersonal relationships become network relationships, become illusions that are not true or even deceitful.


We are humans not robots, human with feelings, we needs emotional communication. Not a performer hidden behind a net mask.


We need to make a change... Meet with friends and family members regularly; talk to them; see real smiles on their faces; hear their voices up close; and share happiness and joy by their side, or get comfort from their warm arms…


To this end, we created Magic Vein Watch & Jewelry, discover and explor raw materials from all over the world that naturally exist in this beautiful world, build it with passion, just hope to leave us a trace of time, relax ourselves, having a small quiet space, bring a moment of tranquility and calmness to our impetuous heart. Also by doing this, we hope to remind us that our time is precious and valuable, make good use of it, don't let it slip away inadvertently, be A real human, to make our existence meaningful.



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